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Resilience is Balance

Resilience is the ability to influence the environment around you with balance, love, grace, dignity, and integrity.

No matter what the world and its people throw at you, remember that the victory lies in your ability to not become embittered.

Instead of bitterness, adapt, rise above, and thrive.

Overcome evil with Good.

Challenge yourself to grow.

Love unceasingly.

Listen and learn.

Challenge coldness with warmth.

Give of yourself generously.

Serve with compassion.

Accept what you can and change the rest.

Empower yourself by utilizing your strengths.

Lean into relationships.

Laugh and flourish!

Fill the world with good.

Be resilient and thrive!!


To learn more about how the science of resilience and strengths can help you, your group, or business to thrive, click below for a consultation or speaking engagement.



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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