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You NEVER Walk Alone

When I was a young child I remember seeing the Footprints story on my dad’s desk. I did not understand it’s depth because I was so young, but I remember its importance to him.

So the following Father’s Day I found a telephone directory with the Footprints story on it and gave it to him as a gift.

I figured he would see something he loved everytime he needed to look up a number to make a call. He loved the gift. But again, as a simple young child I didn’t understand the depth.

Now 33 years and many deep challenges have passed me by and some stare me straight in the face. Now with many years of experience, I understand the depth of that Footprints story and who we “call” in prayer when challenges hit.

In our darkest hours we may feel betrayed and abandoned. But we are NOT alone. People may hurt us, challenges may be crushing, and there may seem to be no way out.

But there is a way out. Any loneliness we feel is an illusion.

For when we walk with God we never walk alone. He walks beside us, carries us, gives us strength when we cannot take another step, and makes a way where there is no way.

A friend recently told me that though I only had my dad until my early teens, God knew that dad was ready to go Home when he had planted all the tools and lessons he needed to plant in me. Only then was he called Home. He would not have departed one second sooner than that.

For dad, that Footprints story on his desk was not a haphazard coincidence. There are in fact no coincidences. All things are orchestrated by Him for our benefit and all things work together for good.

For dad, this is one of an infinite number of seeds he planted in me that is now coming to blossom.

That comforting statement will stay with me for the rest of my life and my dad remains with me in these blossoming lessons.

Chandra Gary

The lesson from the Footprints story is that we do not walk alone. We have a seeing, hearing, living, and FEELING God that walks beside us, moves mountains, and refreshes our weary souls. We just have to call on Him. Then we can BOLDLY rise no matter the challenge!

So again on this upcoming Father’s Day weekend I’m reminded of the seeds my dad planted all those years ago. In the most difficult of seasons I am not alone. HE carries me, feels the agony and success, and creates a resilient path and future forward.

You are not alone friends. Faith moves mountains. We can do hard things. We can face difficulty BOLDLY.

We can rise Resiliently from any challenge.



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