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Mindful March!

It’s the first day of March and the March calendar is here!

Often our lives are very busy and packed with many things. But do you take time to slow down, and be mindful of the good and meaningful things in life?

Savoring, is a positive psychology concept that encourages us to slow down, be mindful of the good in the present, to marvel at life’s wonders, to relish the moment, and to be hopeful in the anticipating of the future.

In doing so we “bank” positive moments and experiences in a positive reservoir to “withdraw” from in challenging times. Think about how depleted this “banking” becomes when we rush through everything.

So this month, savor that cup of coffee, that good conversation, that time with a friend.

If you’re having difficulty refer to this calendar for ideas for every day and click on the links below to connect for more ideas...

Let’s have a Mindful (not Mind Full) March!


“Resilience is not the absence of difficulty. Resilience is not denying or ignoring difficulty. Resilience is the ability to transform from difficulty. It is the ability to meet challenges head on and transcend difficulty and flourish beyond it.” ~CEA

How will you transcend challenges of the last few years in the new year?



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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