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You can do hard things.

The past is always closely lingering, discouraging, whispering in your ear reminding you and intimidating you by all your past challenges, limitations, and failures.

But look at where you stand now! Today. You weren’t there yesterday. You took steps, knowingly or unknowingly. Hard steps. Decisive steps. Steps despite the naysayers. Steps against the grain. Steps despite fear and sadness, and even despite regret. Steps. One tiny, trepidatious step at a time and that got you to today.

Looking back only brings on regret, questioning, and doubt. Looking forward brings goals, planning, dreams, possibility, and achievement.

Honor the past for how it has shaped and molded you and made you grow. Honor the lessons. Honor your new found vision, even if that came from brokenness and even despair.

A shattered foundation only brings the ability to rebuild. This time with greater wisdom.

Always know and remind yourself there is a bright future ahead. Defy the negative messages that cause you to dwell in regret and sorrow and instead go boldly into a future filled with hope and possibility. Defy the odds. Defy the fear. Defy the barriers!

Change the narrative and the perspective to all that could be instead of all that wasn’t.

When people tell you you can’t or only see you by past mistakes and challenges let your perseverance, grit, and resilience illuminate the way. A new way. Never give in.

Empower yourself with the power YES. Yes to new experiences. Yes to that meeting. Yes to that new friendship. Yes to vulnerability. Yes to communication. Yes to your strengths. Yes to opportunity. Yes to pushing against the limits to instead finding out all you are capable of…and so much more!

Resilience is the ability to see the challenge and to honor it and all that it taught you. But the challenge is far off in the distance. Not dictating your life currently. Resilience is in the driver seat and is the ability to see possibility and perspective with new eyes and a new heart.

Look forward. “There are far far better things ahead than we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis.


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Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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