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Wisdom and Integrity

There are many that rely on earthly wisdom and counsel, and their integrity is but a vapor, easily shaken when troubles arise.

But true wisdom and true integrity require work, discernment, and patience to bring it to fruition. They are not weakened by life’s storms and their values are not temporary or convenient.

Wisdom is a wellspring that comes from that which is greater than myself and integrity is a straight way of life, immovable by the enticements that attempt to shake it.

When fully grounded in wisdom and integrity there is solid foundation of truth and a long lasting peaceful conscience.

When grounded in wisdom and integrity the storms make you bend, not break. When grounded in wisdom and integrity, resilience brings you back to balance and thriving becomes your future…

May you be wise and filled with integrity. May you be resilient, and thrive.



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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