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  • Independent Study –Understanding response to stress and the role of religion/spirituality in relation to resilience

  • Independent Study – Spring –  Learning Qualitative Research Methods to apply directly to dissertation research on Resilience in Holocaust Survivors

  • Dissertation – In Progress – The Essence of Resilience: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Gerotranscendent Experiences of Holocaust Survivors



Under Review:​


  • Salama-Younes, M., & Agaibi, C.E.  (under review).  Mindfulness, Resilience, Flourishing, and Academic Success in Higher Education: An exploratory study from Egypt.  European Review of Applied Psychology

In Print:

  • Agaibi, C.E., (2021 - NEW - SEPTEMBER 2021).  Destination Resilience: The Value of Persistence Through Life's Storms.  In Donna Martire Miller and Joseph Bologna (Eds.), Finding Unshakable Happiness.  (pp. 92-110).  BookBaby.






  • Agaibi, C.E., (2018).  Resilient wellbeing: A versatile concept from Biblical to modern times.  Journal of Happiness and Well Being, 6(1), 33-48.                          

  • Agaibi, C.E. (2014). Religion and Spirituality: Key factors in resilience in Coptic Orthodox women.  In T. Bryant-Davis, A. Miteria Austria, D.M. Kawahara, and D.J. Willis (Eds.), Religion and Spirituality For Diverse Women: Foundations of Strength and Resilience.  (pp. 267-279). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger an Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

  • Agaibi, C.E. (2013).  Tired women: The reason, the danger, and the remedy.  Perspectives. Newsletter for The Ohio Women in Psychology.


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2012).  Increasing religious and spiritual competence in therapeutic practice.  The Independent Practitioner – Newsletter for Division 42 of the American Psychological Association.


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2011).  Positive Psychology and Religion/Spirituality: Intersecting Concepts for Comprehensive Thriving.  Roots and Branches – Newsletter for Division 17 of APA Section on Positive Psychology


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2010). Resilience to Summer Stress. Ohio Psychological Association Committee on Social Responsibility On-Line Newsletter for the Ohio Psychological Association.


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2008). In Defense of Spirituality: A Return to a Forgotten Practice for Holistic Psychological Health.  The Ohio Psychologist, 55, 9-11.


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2008). Role of diversity and multicultural competence in counseling.  The Ohio Psychological Association Update, March 2008.

    • OPAGS – Diversity Chair Position Article on Resilience and Diversity


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2008).  Promoting diversity in psychological practice through resilience.  The Ohio Psychological Association Update, January 2008.

    • OPAGS – Diversity Chair Position Article on Resilience and Diversity


  • Agaibi, C.E. (2006).  Promoting resilience in 21st century disaster victims using evidence from trauma survivors. The Ohio Psychologist 53, 7-9.


  • Wilson, J.P., & Agaibi, C.E., (2006).  The resilient trauma survivor.  In J.P Wilson (Ed.), The Posttraumatic Self: Restoring Meaning and Wholeness to Personality.  (pp. 369-398).  NY: Routledge.

  • Agaibi, C.E., & Wilson, J.P.  (2005). Trauma, PTSD, and resilience: A review of the literature.  Trauma, Abuse, and Violence 1(3), 195-216.

  • Master’s Thesis:  “Understanding Resilience to the Effects of Traumatic Stress” – Accepted by Cleveland State University Graduate School and the Department of Psychology (2003).

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