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The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

A symbol of resilience, inner strength, longevity, and purity.

This is a victorious flower that successfully navigates the muddy waters in which it grows and comes out clean and vibrant!

Have you been in “muddy waters” due to disappointment, stress, rejection, injustice, or countless other things?

Like the lotus, you can come out victorious by observing your surroundings but not be consumed by them.

Instead, cultivate positive emotions as nutrients.

Build resilience through healthy connections, openness to new possibilities, appreciating and savoring the good in life, having gratitude, and relying on your strengths to not see a crisis as insurmountable.

Difficulty exists. But it doesn’t have to consume us. Our minds and our resolve are powerful!

Seek help and connection and know that we too can bloom in mud...just like the lotus.



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