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Savoring vs. Rushing in Finding Joy

Savoring vs. Rushing in Finding Joy

From a positive psychology perspective,

many things contribute to our happiness:

50% genetics

10% circumstances

40% your choices and intentional activities.

You have a choice in the happiness you experience and it doesn’t depend only on circumstance or genetics alone.

In that regard, the scientific nature of happiness is similar to spiritual joy because neither are tethered to circumstance!

One way to experience this happiness or joy is to SLOW down! Take time to find awe in your surroundings. Savor the moments, the meals, the conversations, nature, and the emotions that come up in any experience.

You cannot control every situation but you can find the inspiration within because you can control your thoughts and attitude about the situation.

We can choose what to attend to and what to elevate. It is in the journey that we find joy. Regardless of the rugged or smooth road of that journey if we attend to our learning along the way joy will be present.

Savor. Find joy. Be resilient.



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


Lighthouse: Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ

Graphic: Kin Counseling.

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