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Roots and Wings...

Roots and Wings....

Seasons in nature and in our lives can cause much change.

Leaves like circumstance can change in color, can fall and die, and then bloom and blossom in spring all over again.

Such are the cycles of life.

There is resilience in nature as there is in us.

Despite the changes swirling around, the roots remain firm and grounded, anchoring the tree so it is not uprooted.

Our deeply ingrained values act in a similar way.

So when troubles and temptations arise, our roots must ground us and remind us of what we truly stand for.

We need not break or give-in in the face of change for we are grounded by deep and sturdy roots...our values.

Our roots are protected from the elements of change and are not disturbed by simple circumstance or winds of disruption.

The values within us of remind us to stay true and firm to what is right, righteous, just, fair, and compassionate to ourselves and each other so that every branch reaches its fullest potential.

So when the winds of change hit, and inevitably they will, do not fear.

Remember they need not uproot us.

The roots that ground us also give us wings to soar...even in times of change.



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