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RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS The weight of everything 2020 had been squarely resting on my shoulders recently. Seeming to have ample time on my hands only to actually have none. Compounded responsibilities and stresses of work and child-rearing and schedules and chores and errands and homework battles all rolled into one with no space or time separation has been taking a toll on many. Teaching self-care but having little to none. Teaching thriving while only surviving many times. Too much pain in the world and too much hurting but still trying to smile and go through the motions. Difficult news has been heavy on many, myself included. So much resting on our shoulders. Until a random act of kindness at the end of a series of events that really shouldn’t have lined up the way they did reminded me of He who is actually in control. Reminded me to breathe, to savor, to have gratitude, and to always be prepared to do this for others. At least for this moment, I’m reminded of hope. Though I had just gone to the grocery store the day before and I didn’t feel like going again, and though my day had been long already, I was asked to get ice cream that was just finished last night. I wondered why I wasn’t told yesterday before I went to the store the first time. But alas God had other plans. To teach me something out of a seemingly random event. So I went to the store for the second time in as many days and got these two ice creams. The lines were long so I went to the 15 and under line where a nice older gentleman kept looking back at me. I didn’t think anything of it and wasn’t really paying much attention to him. Despite this, he told the cashier to ring up my ice cream on his bill. He told me he tries to do something kind every day and he felt a calling from God to do this for me. Despite the heaviness on everyone’s shoulders and on mine lately, this man lifted my spirits with something that seems so small yet had profound ripple effects. The cashier was confused and stunned. As was I. But I won’t soon forget the series of events that shouldn’t have lined up that way but led up to that moment and the significance of that moment. Science says that random acts of kindness release brain chemicals that improve our mood and wellbeing and can even lower blood pressure and improve heart health! The best part is that kindness starts with one, doesn’t require too much effort, but the reward echos into infinity! So the question is: Do we spiritually savor and listen to the voice of God when we are called to act in even the smallest seemingly insignificant way? Nothing is insignificant! Do we know the impact that we may have on others and the ripple effect it may cause? Are we prepared to act with random unplanned meaningful acts of kindness as well as purposeful ones? Don’t know where to start? Look at the post below for some ideas. The point is to give with your heart. Your job is only to plant the seeds. God makes your labor and efforts grow and land just where it is needed. To the kind gentleman who paid for my ice cream, thank you. Your impact is felt more than you know. I will pay it forward. 🦋🌺💕 @caresilience #randomactsofkindess #payitforward #newyear #2021 #resilience #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalfitness #growthmindset #growth #thrive #healthylifestyle #transformation #savor #joy #gratitude #grateful

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