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New Ways November

It’s November 1 and the “New Ways November” calendar is here!

One of the hallmarks of resilience is one’s ability to adapt when challenges arise.

In order to do so, a flexible and growth mindset is necessary.

Pretending challenges don’t exist doesn’t work.

Ignoring emotions doesn’t work.

Destructive coping skills don’t work.

Instead navigating challenges requires fresh eyes, a new perspective, faith and hope, gratitude, and facing what’s ahead with knowledge of your character strengths. Those character strengths and abilities help you face the challenge and navigate it with wisdom and efficiency.

So let’s face November with gratitude and a curious and flexible mindset. Let’s persevere and finish this year strong and stroll into the new year with new found and fortified RESILIENCE!

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Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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