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LOVING February 💕

Happy February! ❤️

What better way to celebrate the month of LOVE than to celebrate a Friendly February! See below for ideas of how to spread friendliness this month!

Though love should always be expressed and celebrated, be mindful this month of how you show love to yourself and others.

With love, there is selflessness, not focus on selfish desires or gain.

With love, there is empathy, understanding, and compassion.

With love, there is patience, guidance, and growth.

With love, there is a focus on the good not on a criticism of wrongs. Love covers a multitude of wrongs.

With love, there is hope, blossoming, and flourishing.

With love, every day and moment is an experience of awe.

With love, every moment is deeply savored.

With love, there is genuineness and warmth.

With love, there is endurance and perseverance.

With love, there is the giving of time.

With love, there is effort not just material giving.

With love, there is consistency and truth.

With love, there is honor, honesty, and integrity.

With love, there are indeed great miracles!

So, here’s to a friendly and loving February!

May what is started this month continue on all year and indeed for a lifetime.

Remember, love starts with YOU and you reap what you sow!


“Resilience is not the absence of difficulty. Resilience is not denying or ignoring difficulty. Resilience is the ability to transform from difficulty. It is the ability to meet challenges head on and transcend difficulty and flourish beyond it.” ~CEA

How will you transcend challenges of the last few years in the new year?



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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