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Kindness December

As we wrap up a month of gratitude, I reflect on all that is truly wonderful and meaningful.

November was spent in the warmth and unconditional love and support of family. I spent time in awe of the change in nature and my own change and growth in the past difficult pandemic years. Where difficulties may clamor for our attention, gratitude slows us down, helps us to savor what is good, and shifts our perspective to all that is going well, to all that is good, and to what is truly important. Gratitude helps us to look ahead to a hopeful tomorrow and challenges us to reach those goals!

As we forge ahead to December, the last month of this year, let us reflect and find ways to be kind to ourselves, each other, and to our world. Let us end yet another difficult year with hope and inspiration. Let us recharge ourselves and our relationships with enough love and kindness to propel us into a successful 2022!

Here’s to a KIND December and to a world filled with gratitude and compassion for one another!



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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