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Embrace Change

Change is scary because it is unknown.

What lies before us in pivotal moments is unfamiliar, vast, and complex.

Change can be disruptive or life-altering.

Change can come at inopportune times or even against our will.

But change doesn’t have to mean disaster. It can mean GROWTH!

It is important to remember that while change is vast and complex, so are you!

You too are vast, deep, complex, and capable.

You are built with the capability of being resilient.

But it is a muscle you must exercise to reap its benefits.

When we are paralyzed by fear at the cross roads, and are terrified of making a wrong turn, we must remember that we have survived in order to get to where we are today. You have already survived change!

So at any new juncture, remember all you have endured and where you have thrived and where you have escaped from points of weakness and fear.

Be open, vulnerable, and willing to challenge yourself.

Change changes you! Embrace it!

Know that you have the tools and strengths within you to withstand any storm and change, you just have to harness and utilize those tools and strengths.

Do not be afraid of mistakes. You are human and it is inevitable to make them.

But do not stop there. Learn from them.

Do not feel shame or question your worth in those times. Remember instead that you had the courage to experience all of it. Mistakes and all.

So grow! Face it! Communicate your truth, vulnerabilities, fears, and challenges.

Seek out the correct support.

Remember you are in the driver seat of your own story with all its twists and turns. You have assessed situations and made decisions and survived those decisions every moment until this one.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional they say. What will you do when change comes?



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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