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RowanTalk on Resilience!

****ONE WEEK LEFT!****

The last few years have been challenging and even life altering for many.

Pandemic, inflation, and navigating a variety of demands, often simultaneously, have left many with distress and burn-out.

However, we can adapt and thrive even in times of great challenge.

Mental wellness comes not from ignoring challenges, but instead comes from navigating and coping with them successfully.

When faced with many difficult things we can build endurance, resilience, meaning, and thriving with the right tools, supports, and use of our innate strengths.

Come join Rowan and CARE Caresilience in learning more about the science of resilience. Resilience is a mental muscle to be built and in doing so, you can build mental fitness, and navigate, adapt, cope, and thrive through challenging times.



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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