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We should continually be a work in progress.

We should continually be attuned to our emotions and what they tell us.

We should continually repair wounds and injuries so they do not grow and fester but instead are corrected and mended.

No one goes through life unscathed.

Knowing that, we should be empathetic, patient, and understanding with ourselves and others.

We should not push things aside or down without repairing them in order to appear stoic or strong.

Instead, we should recognize the emotions that repeat as signals of what needs to be paid attention to, what should be repaired, and what needs restoration.

Humans are resilient and are able to repair much with attention, effort, and understanding.

And that which is repaired is stronger and more unbreakable for it has been tested, tried, and found to be strong and worthy of survival even in the most strenuous battle.

So have hope, be patient, and make an effort to consciously repair rather than subconsciously repeat broken patterns.



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