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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s May and Mental Health Awareness Month!

The graphic below is from Mental Health America and shows statistics and the prevalence of mental health concerns and thus the need for greater awareness, resources, and support.

The COVID pandemic, war, inflation and the economy, and global stability continue to be sources of stress for many Americans according to the APA’s 2022 Stress Survey.

Together as individuals and communities we can work towards awareness, education, support, meaningfulness, resilience, and greater mental health.

Check out the links below for resources. Use the calander below for ideas to enhance meaningfulness and the character strengths of Judgment and Fairness to enhance peace and conflict resolution this month and beyond!

Spread the word. Lend a hand. Work towards greater mental health and resilience in yourself, family, community, and world!


“Resilience is not the absence of difficulty. Resilience is not denying or ignoring difficulty. Resilience is the ability to transform from difficulty. It is the ability to meet challenges head on and transcend difficulty and flourish beyond it.” ~CEA

How will you transcend challenges of the last few years in the new year?



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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