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FRUITS What fruits are you bearing on your journey? What legacy are you leaving? Who’s life are you influencing? Are you serving others? Are you compassionate? Are you leaving a positive and indelible mark on this world? The virtue and character strength of Humanity examine our fruit-bearing capability in how we care for others. This strength is embodied in Kindness, Love, and Social intelligence. How can you bear more fruit and sow more kindness and love? 1. Stand in the sun - growth requires sunlight. Stand tall and remember to whom you belong, remember your strengths and your inherent value and purpose. Lean on this sunlight to grow your fruit. 2. Be resilient in times of storms - inevitably in life there will be storms. When they come do not surrender or succumb. Stand firm, remember what you’re grateful for, do not see the situation as insurmountable. Even the worst of storms eventually pass. Remembering the experience and how you overcame it helps you to grow and bear fruit to others who are experiencing something similar. Let your journey be an inspiration to others. 3. Surround yourself with good nutrients - There is a Japanese proverb that says “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look to his friends.” Who is in your tribe? Do they provide you with sound counsel? Do they lead you to positive virtues? It may be easier to bear fruit when you’re encouraged by others who are doing the same. 4. Prune - remove what is unhealthy, toxic, and choking the growth of good fruits and virtues. Weeds sometimes look like flowers but will ruin the growth of fruit if allowed to stay near it. 5. Spread new seeds - once your fruit has blossomed, spreading the message altruistically will plant the seed in others and cause an unending ripple effect of positive fruits. Transform. Grow. Bear fruit. Plant seeds. Thrive. @caresilience #bearingfruit #altruism #newyear #2021 #resilience #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalfitness #growthmindset #growth #thrive #healthylifestyle #transform #CharacterMatters #characterstrengths

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