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BE the Resilient Change!

Difficult news all around me they say.

Pandemic, war, pain, suffering, economic crises to name a few.

So I say: What can I do to grow despite?

Resilience is a muscle to built. It is a PROACTIVE process to foster and grow.

When one is resilient, one ripples out these traits to affect and influence others to create a resilient world.

Do we see the pain in ourselves and others through self-compassion and empathy? Good! This is an important and necessary first step. But then what?

How do we foster change? How do we find and harness our strengths to create meaningful and lasting change? How do we influence others and “become the change we wish to see in the world”? (Gandhi).

Resilience starts with me. Continually Learning. Pivoting. Fine-tuning. Adapting. Growing. Flourishing!

And then from me, there must be an outpouring to community and indeed to the world.

Can I be kind today?

Can I see a difficulty as a challenge rather than and insurmountable catastrophe?

Can I used my character strengths to see and savor the awe and wonder not just the difficulty?

Can I exhibit gratitude no matter how small?

Can I use my character strengths to impact others?

Then you are on the road to resilience!

Be proactive and grow in your gifts. Be bold and speak your strengths!

Resilience starts with me and impacts and ripples all that flows from me!

So, let your light shine and influence the world!


“Resilience is not the absence of difficulty. Resilience is not denying or ignoring difficulty. Resilience is the ability to transform from difficulty. It is the ability to meet challenges head on and transcend difficulty and flourish beyond it.” ~CEA



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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