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A Different Perspective

May we all find this perspective and have a growth mindset in the New Year. The tools are within us to transform difficulty into meaning. To transcend. To be resilient. We just need to harness our strengths and lean on them.

May we all find transformation in this new year and grow within every circumstance.

“Resilience is not the absence of difficulty. Resilience is not denying or ignoring difficulty. Resilience is the ability to transform from difficulty. It is the ability to meet challenges head on and transcend difficulty and flourish beyond it. How will you transcend challenges of the last few years in the new year?” ~CEA

Happy New Year! 🎇🌟🎉🎆💕

A link from one of my blogs from New Year 2021 on how to be resilient in the new year.



Center for Authentic Resilient Empowerment


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